Copper Water Bottle Review: Is it OK to Drink water from Copper Bottles?

Copper Water Bottle Reviews

Our body needs different types of nutrients for growth and maintenance of the body. Nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, fats are required in large quantities. Whereas vitamins and minerals are required in little quantities that’s why they are also called micronutrients. Among minerals, some minerals are required less than 100 mg are the trace minerals; for example, copper, iron, zinc, chromium, etc.

These minerals are essential for the formation of bones to transmitting nerve signals. Minerals are also required for hormone formation.

Normal copper level in the human body is approximately 50–120 milligrams. We do not require copper in large amount in our body. Copper is a heavy metal; heavy metal in excess cause metal poisoning.



Ayurvedic Views on Copper Water Bottles

In Ayurveda, the human body has three basic elements( known as dosha) Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An increase or decrease in any of these three doshas leads to an ailment. A healthy body is which is having balanced doshas.

According to Ayurveda water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by positively charging the water. This process is beneficial only when water is stored more than eight hours in a copper vessel.

The water stored in a copper vessel is known as ‘tamara jal’ and is supposed to be consumed after storing the water in a copper vessel for at least eight hours. The water is energized by the positive charge of copper which ultimately enhances body elements.


Is copper water bottle good for health?

Yes, copper has antigerm properties which can kill bacteria. Copper also slow down the aging process. Long term copper deficiency may lead to vision loss.


What is the effect of copper on water?

Copper generally do not react with normal water. But copper can react with hot water through displacement reaction. Copper reacts with the oxygen present in the water to form cuprous oxide.


Can we keep hot water in copper bottle?

Do not keep hot water in copper water bottles. Keeping hot water in a copper bottle may cause to absorb too much copper in the water.  Copper reacts with hot water, but you can keep lukewarm water in a copper vessel.


Can copper bottle be kept in fridge?

Yes, of course, keep in mind not to place in the ice box the fridge. This may cause your copper bottle to crash. A copper water bottle can keep the water cool for hours.


Can we drink water in copper vessel daily?

Yes, It is good to drink water from copper vessel daily. The oligodynamic effect of the copper water kills molds, harmful microbes, fungus present in the water.


Is it safe to drink from a copper bottle?

Yes, it is safe to drink water from a copper bottle. Copper which may get dissolved in the water is trace. But, if you keep hot water there may be an increase in the absorption of the copper in the water.


What copper does for the body?

Copper plays many important roles in body development and functions. If there is a deficiency of copper following effects may be seen in the human body.

Fatigue and Weakness: Copper helps in gut iron absorption and these irons are essential components of hemoglobin. If less iron is absorbed there is be less hemoglobin lead to anemia. As a result of less oxygen to the body and weakness in the body.

Frequent Sickness: Copper maintains the immune system. Reduction in copper leads to weak immunity and frequent sickness.

Weak Bones: Copper helps in the formation of cross-links in the bone. Copper deficiency causes osteoporosis and makes bone brittle.

Sensitivity to cold: People with Copper deficiency has high sensitivity to cold as they have less thyroid hormone level.

Premature greying of hairs: Low level of copper leads to low melanin hormone and causes premature greying of hairs.


Best Copper Water Bottles for 2019

Copper Water Bottles are strong, durable. They come in different designs. There are many companies who make copper water bottles. I researched a bit to find you some amazing copper water bottle available on Amazon. Products mentioned below are not sponsored. But, we will receive a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you if you buy through our links.

Plain Copper Water Bottle

Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle

If you do not enjoy drinking water, you will enjoy drinking water from a copper water bottle. A copper water bottle keeps water chilled so that you can enjoy all day. Copper also gives a pleasant taste to the water you keep. You will no longer feel your stomach bloating.

They are made from 100% pure copper. These bottles are Joint free, rust free, leak-proof cap seal with a wide mouth for easy cleaning.

One disadvantage of this bottle is that due to its plain surface it may slip through your hand.

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Hammered Copper Water Bottle

hammered copper water bottle

This is a hammered design of copper water bottle which gives a better grip while holding the fully filled bottle. The capacity of the bottle is about 30 OZ.

As already described Water stored in copper containers help to balance the three Doshas in your body (Vata, kapha and pitta). This is An ideal choice for those who live a healthy, active (and aesthetic) lifestyle. Beyond encouraging additional water consumption, the pure copper material provides a number of health benefits that have been practiced in the far East(India, China) for thousands of years.

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Hand Painted Copper Water Bottle

Rastogi Handicrafts Copper Bottle Hand Painted

A hand-painted copper bottle made with solid copper. Capacity is about 900 ml of water. This bottle is jointless which make it leakproof. You may need to clean the bottle once in a while to prevent the bottle from tarnish. The cap screw is of good quality which prevents water out even on upside down. Manufactured by Rastogi handicrafts a well-renowned company. The bottle looks amazing because of the bright patterns made on its surface. One con of this bottle is that the color may erase because of friction.


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Final Thoughts on Copper Water Bottle

A copper water bottle is best for keeping water cool and it has a psychological effect on our health. Copper has many benefits to our body including an increase in immunity and prevents greying of hair.

Whether or not you believe in Ayurveda; Having a metallic water bottle is always better over plastic bottles. Metallic water bottles are durable. They are less polluting to the environment.

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