Can we drink coffee while taking ayurvedic medicine?

Coffee is the second most loved beverage just after water. Coffee is prepared from grounded coffee beans which are bitter in taste. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates our body and increases heartbeat, blood pressure, and cause nervousness. That’s why too much coffee consumption is not good for our body.

Most ayurvedic medicines are herbal products, do not contain a single chemical compound with high concentration as in allopathic medicines. But, they are prescribed keeping in mind the Prakriti(body type) of the patient and to be taken with an anupan(Vehicle or Medium to Take Ayurvedic Medicine).

Taking ayurvedic medicines along with coffee can impede the efficacy of the medicine. That’s why avoid coffee while taking ayurvedic medicine.

You can drink coffee while taking ayurvedic medicine provided you keep a gap of at least half an hour between your coffee and medicine.

Caffeine according to Ayurveda

In Ayurveda coffee is considered to be vata, pitta provoking food as coffee has both qualities of hotness and fast-acting. Persons with Vata and Pitta qualities should not drink more than two cups of coffee a day. Taking too much coffee can aggravate these dosas and cause sleeplessness and indigestion in the body.

Ayurvedic coffee recipe

No, classics have ever mentioned coffee and how to consume it. But, we can apply the knowledge of Ayurveda Materia medica to prepare coffee Ayurveda way.

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