How To Remove Hair From Face Permanently Naturally At Home?

Remove Hair From Face Permanently

Almost all women have facial hair. But some women develop thick and larger facial hair, which is noticeable and reduces the skin glow. The makeup products even cannot blend properly in a face.

There are numerous ways to remove facial hair, like threading, waxing, electrolysis(the professionals use electric current for damaging hair follicles), or laser treatment. There are even certain creams that help in reducing hair growth from the face.

But all are costly and are not permanent. You have to run to the beauty salon every month to remove facial hair, which is impossible. Fortunately, there are various natural ways by which you can easily remove facial hair at home.

The article discusses how to permanently and naturally remove hair from the face at home. So, keep scrolling through this article to read more about this information.

Reasons For Developing Thick Hair On Face In Women

Facial hair on men looks nice and attractive. But facial hair on a woman can make her dull and ugly. All women have light hair on the upper lip and chip. But if the hair grows large and thick, then it is noticeable.

There are numerous reasons for developing thick hair on the face of women. We are listing some of them below.

1. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a significant reason for women’s facial hair development. For instance, if the testosterone hormone in a woman is slightly large, then she will experience more hair not only on the face but also in other parts of the body.

Again some women develop facial hair after menopause because of hormonal imbalances in their bodies.

2. Health Problems

If a woman suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), she will develop more male hormones known as androgen. PCOS is a disease in which you will have few or long menstrual periods. So, in short, it is a disease in which you have an irregular menstrual cycle. Many fluid sacs develop in the ovary, which fails to release eggs correctly; hence women suffer from irregular menstrual

periods and hair growth in various body parts, including the face. Other PCOS symptoms are acne, excessive weight gain, and fertility issues.

Again if a woman suffers from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, she will develop facial hair.

It is a genetic disorder that affects the adrenal glands.

The adrenal gland is above the kidneys and produces various hormones like cortisol, aldosterone, and androgen.

But when this adrenal gland malfunctions, a woman suffers from congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. The male hormones secrete in excess, which results in facial hair.

3. Certain Medications

Certain medications can result in a lot of hair growth on the body of women, including the face. For instance, anabolic steroids, glucocorticoids, minoxidil, and cyclosporine increase the male hormone in your body.

4. Idiopathic Hirsutism

The exact reason for developing hair on the face and various body parts is unknown and hence challenging to treat.

How To Remove Hair From Face Permanently Naturally At Home?

Facial hair is quite annoying. There are various professional methods to get rid of facial hair, but you have to spend a lot of money on it, which is impossible for everyone.

But you can use various natural things to treat your face and remove unwanted hair. Natural things are affordable, and you can easily find them in your home.

Let’s discuss how you can use some natural things to remove hair from your face permanently.

1. Honey And sugar

Honey and sugar are found in almost every home. Sugar helps in removing dead skin and unwanted hair on your face, and honey helps moisturize your skin.

You can combine one tablespoon of honey and two spoons of sugar and microwave for a few seconds. The sugar will dissolve in the honey after putting it in a microwave.

Now apply the mixture to your face, particularly in the region where you have so much hair. Put a cotton strip over it, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then pull it off opposite the hair growth.

2. Make a Paste Of Rose Water And Gram Flour

Gram flour has excellent exfoliating properties and brings a glow to your skin. You can combine it with rose water and lemon juice to reduce facial hair growth.

Take a bowl, put two spoons of gram flour, and then add two spoons of rosewater and one spoonful of lemon juice.

Stir it and apply the paste all over your face. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes, rub the paste with the help of your hands for 2-3 minutes, and then wash your face with normal water.

You can repeat this procedure three times a week for the best results. It will help you in removing facial hair efficiently at home.

3. Mixture Of Egg White And Corn starch

Egg white is good for removing dead cells and hair from the face. If you combine it with cornstarch, then it works excellently in not only removing facial hair but also bringing a glow to your skin.

Take a bowl and pour only the white portion of the egg. Add one tablespoon of cornstarch and one spoon of sugar into the egg white Stir it properly and add paste all over your face.

Allow it to dry, and then rub it all over your face with your hands. It will help in removing all the unwanted hairs from your face.

4. Papaya And Turmeric

Papaya comprises papain which is excellent for removing facial hair. Likewise, putting turmeric on your face helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Cut a few pieces of papaya and make a paste. Now add one-half spoonful of turmeric powder and mix it well.

Now apply the paste, particularly where you have excess hair growth. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then wash your face with water. Repeat this process a few times a week for the best results.

5. Gelatin Powder And Milk

Gelatin powder is usually added to smoothies, soups, and other drinks to make the consistency thick. You can combine gelatin powder and milk to remove hair from your face.

Take one spoonful of gelatin powder with three spoons of milk and microwave it for 10 seconds.

Now apply the mixture all over your face and allow it to dry. Remember, the mixture should not be too hot at the time of application. Keep the mixture on your face for 15 minutes, then remove it.

6. Combine Oatmeal And Banana

Oatmeal has a grain structure that helps remove dead cells and reduces facial hair growth.

You can combine it with a banana for the best results.

Take two tablespoons of oatmeal and one tablespoon of ripe banana and mix them thoroughly. Now apply it on your face, allow it to dry, and wash it with normal water.

Repeat the step at least two times a week for the best results.

7. Combine Sugar And Lemon

Lemon helps in bringing a healthy glow to your skin. But when combined with sugar, it greatly helps in removing hair from your face.

Mix lemon juice and sugar in such a way that it forms a sticky paste. Apply this to your face, particularly in the region where you have thick hair growth. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then peel it.

If you have extremely dry skin, we will not recommend keeping the paste for over 15 minutes.

8. Lavender And Tea Tree Oil

Mix 6 tablespoons of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of lavender oil. You can then take cotton and soak it with the paste you have made by mixing lavender and tea tree oil.

Apply it, particularly on areas where you have hair growth, and then allow it to dry. You can wash your face with normal water. Repeat this process two times a week to see results.

9. Barley And Milk

Combine barley, milk, and a few drops of lemon juice to remove facial hair. Apply this paste to your face and leave it to dry for almost 15 minutes. You can rub your face in a circular motion and wash your face with normal water.

Apply the paste 2-3 times for best results. But don’t apply barley and milk if you have sensitive skin.

10. Basil And Onion

Combine basil leaves and onion and apply it all over your face. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes, and then clean your face with normal water.

Onion is quite well known to promote hair growth. So, people usually apply it on their scalp to increase hair or make hair thicker. But combining it with basil leaves slows down hair growth and removes all the unwanted hair from the face.

The combination of basil and onion works well on almost all skin. But try to test the mixture by first applying it to a small area. If it works perfectly, you can apply it all over your face for the best results.

11. Combine Wheat Bran And Milk

You can combine wheat bran and milk and apply the paste to your face. Allow it to dry, and then rub and wash your face with normal water.

The hair peels off while rubbing your face. You can repeat this process 3-4 times for the best results.

12. Chick Pea Flour And Haldi

You can combine chickpea flour and haldi and apply the paste all over the face. Allow it to dry, and then wash your face with cold water. Don’t apply the paste if you have sensitive skin.

This paste works well, mainly for oily skin types. Women with oily skin can apply it every alternative day for visible results.

13. Apricot And Honey

Apricots and honey work wonders in removing facial hair. Make a paste of apricot and honey and apply it all over your face.

Allow it to dry, and then wash your face with lukewarm water. The paste sticks over your facial hair and finally falls off while rubbing. You can apply at least three times a week to see results.

14. Combine potato juice And Lentil

Mix one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and four tablespoons of potato juice. Grind the soaked Lentil and put it in the bowl, and then stir it and apply it all over your face. This mixture will bring a glow to your face and help remove facial hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Permanently remove hair naturally at home?

There is no way in which you can remove hair permanently from your face. However, various natural methods exist to reduce hair growth and remove hair to the maximum extent.

2. What food stops facial hair growth?

You can eat a few foods to reduce hair growth. They help increase the estrogen level in your body and help remove hair from your face naturally. We are listing some of them below

  • Peach
  • Oats
  • Dry fruits
  • Mung beans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Flax seeds.

3. What vitamins reduce facial hair?

Taking supplements rich in vitamin B6 and E are believed to reduce facial hair in women as they reduce testosterone levels.

Wrap Up

No woman wants to develop hair on her face as it makes her ugly and dull. It even loses her self-confidence.

There are numerous ways to remove facial hair. But treating facial hair naturally does not have many side effects. Additionally, you can easily find them in your kitchen.

You also need to drink sufficient water and sleep for almost 7-8 hours daily to see the results.

Simultaneously eat healthy fruits and vegetables and avoid eating pizza, burgers, and other refined foods. Do exercise at least one hour a day to see the results. These habits will make you healthy from the inside.

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