BPH in Ayurveda and it’s treatment

BPH(Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) also known as enlarged prostate or prostatomegaly is a condition in which the size of the prostate grow than the normal size causing reduction in urine flow, urine urgency, dysuria and occasionally haematuria. Prostate is a gland that helps in forming semens during ejaculation. It is in the shape of a wall nut.

What is the normal size of a Prostate?

The normal size of the prostate is 16 to 20 grams or in volume average 40ml. If the size grows and cause LUTS and other symptoms, prostatomegaly is suspected. Sometimes a large prostate may not cause any problems.

Can females have enlarged prostate?

No, as prostate gland is only present in male.

How do I know if my prostate is cancerous?

All BPH does not mean cancerous. A test called PSA(Prostate Specific Antigen) is done to investigate for CA(carcinoma). If the test result is more than 4 ng/dl, prostate cancer is suspected. To verify again biopsy/deep biopsy may require to be done.

BPH/Enlarged Prostate/Prostatomegaly in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda BPH can be related to Mutraghata and Mutrakriccha.

Mutraghata is the obstruction to flow of urine. To be specific Ashtila type of Mutraghata. Ashtila/Mutrashtila – is a condition which has often been compared to enlargement of prostate gland. A stony swelling which obstructs the passages of urine and feces due to vata vitiation in the region of bladder. causes distension of bladder and rectum.

How do you confirm if you have BPH by yourself?

If you have following conditions you can suspect for BPH—

1.Frequent urine urgency

2.Pain during urination

3.Low stream during urination

4.Occasional blood in urine

5.Bladder fullness

Investigations that physician advices to diagnose BPH

PVRU (Post Void Residual Urine): If PVRU is more than 200ml in an above 50 years old male, there may be obstruction due to enlarged prostate.

TRUS(Trans Rectal UltraSonography) to estimate the size of the prostate. Normal ranges from 16 to 20 grams or higher in some.

Ayurvedic Treatment for BPH

In Ayurveda BPH is considered due to imbalance of vata dosha. Lifestyle changes also required along with medicine.

Best Ayurvedic medicine best for reducing the prostate size

Gokshuradi Guggulu

Varunadi Kwath

Chandraprabha Vati

Gokshuradi Vati

Kanchanara Guggulu

Best Branded Ayurvedic medicine for BPH/prostatomegaly

Tablet Himplasia from Himalaya

Tablet Prostaid from Badyanath

Tablet Prosteez from Charak

Capsule Prostowin from Bal pharma

Capsule Prostina from Dey’s medical

Capsule URAL-BPH from Vasu

Treatments other than oral medications

Vasti is also very effective in BPH too. Vasti with varunadhi kashaya gives good results in grade 1 and 2 patients.

When to go for surgery like TURP, TUIP?

If the size of the prostate is too large and causing complete blockage. Surgery is needed. Oral medicine and vasti therapy can treat grade 1 to 2 BPH.

How many days does ayurvedic treatment takes to show the effect on enlarged prostate?

You will see the changes with 2 weeks, complete normal urine flow may take 3 to 6 months of treatment.

What to do if PSA is high with normal prostate size?

You should consult a doctor either allopathic or ayurvedic for further evaluation. If Cancer detected, you can opt for either ayurvedic or allopathic medicine.

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